Old Money Thought for the Day

For materialism to persist, shiny new products must be constantly consumed. For culture to flourish, time-tested concepts must be constantly considered.


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Whit Stillman, Old Money Guy

Whit Stillman

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Be Old Money–Be Ahead of the Curve

If you look back in history, there are innumerable examples of people being “ahead of the curve”. They made choices or adopted philosophies that were considered radical by their contemporaries. Many times, however, these radical, crazy, and outlandish concepts soon became the norm.

Abolitionists had the crazy idea that slavery was immoral while legitimate businessmen made massive profits in the slave trade during the early days of American history. Absurd! A century or so later, suffragettes marched in the street, demanding that women have the right to vote. Madness!

These examples are political in nature, but we can look at today’s financial climate and make choices for ourselves now that may seem crazy…now, but not a year or two from now. We can pull back on the consumer spending. When we do buy things, we can choose to purchase things that will last. We can ramp up the saving and investment. A small monthly commitment to socking away a portion of your income can stack up quickly. We can reduce our monthly overhead. People actually do live without cable television. No one every died because they didn’t have a new car.

Know this now: the philosophy and fundamentals presented in The Old Money Book are for the most part the intellectual property of America’s upper class, the people who’ve quietly enjoyed wealth for three generations or more. But as times continue to change, more and more people are going to seek out ways of Living Better While Spending Less. They’ll come around.

But you can do it now. Be ahead of the curve. Be Old Money now.


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The Dapper OMG

Preppy Older Gentleman

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Ben Bradlee, Old Money Guy

Ben Bradlee


Mr. Bradlee had a passion for journalism and a passion for life.  He stood up to power in the Watergate era. He did the right thing by his newspaper and his reporters. He changed history.

He will be missed.

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Some of Boston’s Best

Boston Poets

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The Old Money Book–Now in Paperback


Byron Tully, author of The Old Money Book

Byron Tully, author of The Old Money Book

I’m delighted to announce that the print version of The Old Money Book is now available from Amazon. Click here to order your paperback edition today.

Since the electronic version of the book was first published a little over a year ago, readers have frequently requested a hard copy of the book. Some wanted to give it as a gift. Others wanted to have it handy for reference. Whatever the reason, it’s now in print, and I sincerely hope that it provides insight and wisdom–as well as a chuckle or two–to everyone who reads it.

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you all know that I deplore rampant consumerism. Why not give a gift that might actually benefit someone you care about? The Old Money Book is entertaining and informative, and, priced at under ten dollars, dare we say, a value.

If you’d like a personalized, autographed copy of the book, please email me at byrontully (at) gmail (dot) com, and I’ll be happy to arrange it.

You might be interested to know that a portion of all revenues from The Old Money Book are donated to Heifer International.  We do this because, in the words of one of my friends who works in the music business, “That’s just the way an OMG rolls.” And to think Old Money would never have any street cred. (Wink, nod.)

Please note: Amazon has both the Kindle and paperback editions. However, they are at present listed on separate pages within the Amazon site. Amazon’s keen service department assures me that the two pages will be merged in the very near future. However, if you have any trouble locating the paperback or Kindle version, simply enter BYRON TULLY in the Amazon search box, and both should come up promptly.

Thank you all for your continued support and appreciation.



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