You Can’t Un-Invent Things

Or un-see them.

You’ve been warned.

bad check pants

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Members of the Tribe – Part 7

Preppy Couple

An iconic preppy photo from the 1980s. We’ve all seen it. My questions are: who are these people? Were they a couple at the time of the photo? Are they still a couple?

If you know, contact me and, if you live in the continental US, I’ll forward a free personalized and autographed copy of The Old Money Book to you as a way of saying thanks.

Limit first ten responses. I’m so curious!



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Somebody Needs A Copy of The Old Money Book

Josh Smith Discusses His Upcoming Struggle To Survive On $6.9 Million


Somehow, some way, Josh Smith and his family will have to figure out how to survive on just $6.9 million during the upcoming NBA season.

During a Los Angeles Clippers news conference on Tuesday to introduce the newly signed forward Josh Smith, the former NBA All-Star discussed the challenges he’ll face as a result.

At the end of the day, you know, I do have a family,” he told reporters. “So it is going to be a little harder on me this year. But I’m going to push through it, you know?”

Smith — who has earned over $97 million from NBA contracts in his 11-year career, according to Spotrac — signed a one-year deal with the Clippers earlier this month for the veteran’s minimum of $1.5 million. His former team, the Detroit Pistons, will also be paying him $5.4 million to not play for them. (Smith was released last December by the Pistons after signing a four-year, $54 million contract in July 2013.)

That adds up to just $6.9 million next season — a far cry from the over $13 million he was making just two years ago. We weep for you, Josh Smith.

In all seriousness, Smith seems to be paying homage to former NBA star Latrell Sprewell by focusing on his family’s impending financial struggles. Remember when Sprewell deemed the Minnesota Timberwolves’ three-year, $30 million contract offer as “insulting”?

I’m at risk. I have a lot of risk here. I got my family to feed,” Sprewell told the Free Republic in 2004. And so does Smith. But another thing that he’s going to “push through” this year? The $100 million mark for total NBA earnings.

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Member of the Tribe – Number 6

member of the tribe 6

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Five Reasons I Don’t Have Cable TV

Sometimes, I hear audible gasps when I tell people that I don’t have a cable television subscription. You would think I told them I went without bathing or hosted dogfights in my garage.

But I’ve lived a rich, full, and informed life without ever watching CNN, HBO, Showtime, or The Cooking Channel. I know, it’s crazy.

In the rare instances when I’m staying in a hotel or with friends, and I have the opportunity to sample some of the programming offered on cable television, I’m certain I’ve made the right decision.

There are the occasional worthwhile cable programs that define an era (the Sopranos comes to mind) with originality, quality writing, and great acting. There may be the infrequent, important news story that breaks on cable. But, let’s be honest, most of it is pedestrian and sensationalized.

There are sports, too, but you could just as easily stroll down to your local pub and watch the game with friends.

I do have specific reasons, other than personal tastes, for not having or watching cable television. Here they are:

1. The Money. To pay in the range of $700.00 to $1700.00 per year, or whatever it is, to watch television boggles my mind. I cough in my coffee every time I even think about it. I’d rather save that money and buy an airplane ticket to Rome. The entire concept of paying for television escapes me. You want me to pay money so you can advertise to me? Balderdash.

2. The Technology. In days gone by, anything that was worthwhile on cable eventually ended up on DVD. So when I heard about good cable programs, I waited, rented the video, and enjoyed the content at my leisure. Now, everything is digital. Why bother with cable now when that technology is dying? Drop it. Get online. Download legally. Stream it. Push innovation. Kill obsolescence.

3. The Cable Companies. I’ve never heard a single good think said about any cable television provider. Why would I give my money to an entity or industry with such a poor reputation? If you subscribe to cable and aren’t satisfied with your service, why continue to give them money?

4. Books. I read while most people are watching television. It’s been a lifelong habit that has paid substantial dividends in terms of quality of life. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

5. PBS. If you’re going to watch television and feel absolutely compelled to pay for it, donate to your local public television station. For the price of a Honey Boo Boo or a Duck Dynasty, you can enjoy informative, thought-provoking, and surprisingly entertaining programs that the entire family can appreciate.



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The OMG’s of Summer – Continued

Dapper OMG does summer

The Old Money Guy and the straw boater.

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Marlborough Street, Boston

Marlborough Street - Boston

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