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  1. ahhh yes, a Pittsburgh native. I remember him well being a native myself. He was beloved by many there. There is a memorial of-sorts to him at the Pittsburgh airport and several others around town as well. A very good man.

  2. I had the honor of meeting him several times when I worked for WQED. He was a kind and gentle man.

    By the way Bev, Fred was a Latrobe native. He didn’t move to Pittsburgh until he was in his 30s and already well established in children’s television.

    1. yes, you are correct, Fraley. I suppose I was just referring to the general area since Latrobe is only a short drive to Pittsburgh (sans traffic, of course). But, I believe we agree on the statement, “a kind and gentle man.” Thank you for the clarification.

  3. “I like you just the way you are” -Fred Rogers
    I remember when George W Bush gave this Presbyterian minister the freedom award.
    I loved this guy so much in my youth and respect him even more as I get older. His legacy continues with Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood. My son and daughter love the show.

  4. He was filming a segment locally on a very hot day, and the sweater stayed on. My mother was present, and asked one of the film crew why Mr. Rogers didn’t wear a different outfit, given the weather. The staffer replied that Fred wished to present a consistent and simple image to his viewers, many of whom came from families who could not afford a diverse wardrobe. What a role model.

  5. I miss him too, Byron. As a child, after school, I used to sit transfixed in front of the TV to see what form of kindness and wisdom he might share.

  6. This is the only children’s television I allowed my children to watch. I am not old money, but rather old values…

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