Hold On To…Sacred Sundays

No emails.

No work.

No internet.

No television.

No texts.

Let your loved ones know: from now on, Sundays are sacred.

You’re unplugged from technology and connected to what’s really important.

Family. Friends. Fellowship.

Face to face instead of FaceTime.

Reading. Rest. Rejuvenation. Reflection.

A book instead of Facebook.

A prayer instead of a Tweet.

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12 thoughts on “Hold On To…Sacred Sundays

  1. Thank you for your perfect and beautiful words!

    It’s the ultimate challenge for today’s world, isn’t it!

    I begin tomorrow – Sunday, 3/4/18!

    Regards, Jan


  2. We work on our garden, than have a fire and enjoy the rest of the day and into evening. No phones, no tv. Just peace and quiet. And books, always books.

  3. Ditto to everything said here. A day to unwind, rest your body and mind, and steer clear of anything that resembles technology. Give me a fireplace and a good book and I’m happy.

  4. I could use two Sundays a week, to finish reading the FT and LMDiplo of the previous month… When sailing, technology is de rigueur, though. Especially here on the North Sea, with currents, traffic and sandbanks. Perhaps it’s one of the few exceptions.

  5. I completely agree! 24/7 availability seems to be expected in so many (work)places nowadays. I think it’s important to reclaim a time for privacy and for nourishing our soul away from the demands of the work week. I’ve fallen into the trap of working through the weekend to keep up with what was expected from me but I’ve always felt that not resting on Sundays was especially draining and it significantly affected my energy levels for the following week. There is definitly something special about Sundays!

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