Another Jewel from Our Readers

A special ‘thank you’ to David, one of our valued readers and contributors, who brought the following to my attention.

When he died at age 89, after four decades on Wall Street, legendary investment banker Richard Jenrette left 24 rules for being successful in life and business behind. 

I think they’re timeless, and worth sharing. Here they are:

  1. Stay in the game. That’s often all you need to do. Stick around. Don’t be a quitter.
  2. Don’t burn bridges (behind you.)
  3. Life has no blessing like a good friend.
  4. Try to be nice and say ‘thank you’ a lot.
  5. Stay informed…keep learning.
  6. Study…stay informed.
  7. Cultivate friends of all ages…especially younger.
  8. Run scared…over-prepare.
  9. Be proud, but not conceited. Know your own worth.
  10. Turn problems into opportunities.
  11. Present yourself well.
  12. Be open to change.
  13. Have some fun…but not all the time!
  14. Be on the side of the angels. Wear the white hat.
  15. Have a fall-back position.
  16. Learn a foreign language.
  17. Travel a lot.
  18. Don’t criticize someone in front of others.
  19. Don’t forget to praise a job well done.
  20. Don’t be a poor loser.
  21. It helps to have someone who loves you
  22. Keep your standards high in all you do.
  23. Look for the big picture, but don’t forget the details.

Thanks again, David. Much appreciated.

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15 thoughts on “Another Jewel from Our Readers

    1. Yes! I will add one : “Live with a cat. The haughty looks you receive will keep you humble” (unless you have an allergy, of course)

      1. As a lady, you may do so. But according to certain British commandments, a gentleman would never own a cat.

  1. Words to live by, Byron. Every child should read this. I will pass along this post to the headmaster at my son’s school.

    1. Thank you, Kellie. If the headmaster would like copies of The Old Money Book or The Old Money Guide To Marriage please drop me a line via email with an address. I’ll put a few in the mail. – BGT

  2. I’m a teacher at a boarding school and plan to post these in my classroom. Thanks for sharing, Bryon.

    1. Thank you, George. If you’d like a few copies of The Old Money Book for your students or colleagues, please let me know. I’ll forward. – BGT

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