Personal Update: Official Selection at the 2022 Montreal Independent Film Festival

I wanted to take a moment and update you all on a non-Old Money related matter.

Obviously, I write nonfiction books. I also write songs and screenplays. Happily, a screenplay my partner and I have written has been chosen as an “Official Selection” in the 2022 Montreal Independent Film Festival.

The festival is being held this month, and we’re very excited to see how this recognition helps move the project forward to production. Hopefully, you’ll be able to watch the completed film in the next year or two on Netflix, BBC, ITV Film 4, Hulu, or Amazon.

The script is a thriller set in Paris. The story follows a young British art student who’s caught in the middle of a criminal gang’s home invasion robbery. As she fights to save her family, her efforts are complicated as family members and criminals alike begin to disappear from the house, one by one, without a trace.
It is a truly wicked and entertaining tale, and I can’t wait until it jumps from the page to the screen.
So, thank you for your support. Stay safe and well. I’ll be back in touch soon.

12 thoughts on “Personal Update: Official Selection at the 2022 Montreal Independent Film Festival

  1. Congratulations Byron! That is wonderful and exciting; and, I am so happy for you! I just recently ordered three of your books through Kindle on Amazon. I’ve been reading your blog for a while. Your books should be required reading for every high school student before they graduate. They are filled with the common sense that has been missing from our culture for a long time now. If young people will read your books, it will equip them to navigate through their most important avenues of life. Thank you again for your honesty, your humor; and, your willingness to share these treasures with all of us.

  2. Congratulations, Byron! How exciting! Please keep us updated. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

  3. Congrats! I also have a question for everyone. What would “old money” spend on if the cost was the same (lets say $40k total for either) for their child. Private high school or all college school fees so their child graduates with zero debt? I’m curious to what “old money” would value you more. Thanks! – Derrick

  4. Byron, that’s incredible! How exciting, and now you have put me in mind to visit Montreal again. Sounds suspenseful and fun. How rewarding to see your work in action.

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