A Brief Explanation

I’ve been less than consistent with the blog over the past few months, despite the best of intentions.

An apology–and a brief explanation–are in order.

We have left Paris and are now living in the French countryside. The purchase of a run-down house in the Loire-Atlantique region was an odyssey unto itself, but not quite the horror story that so many expats have experienced…and written about online.

The transition from the most cosmopolitan life imaginable to the most rural and rustic life imaginable has been a transition to say the least, if not quite what you’d call a shock.

There have been long days and late nights, but that’s nothing unusual. The absence of WiFi, a working kitchen, and hot water for a period of time have been unusual…and challenging.

There are times that I’ve wanted to pull out the few remaining hair I have left, but most of the time, my wife and I groan and then laugh at the choice we’ve made to pack the bags and change things up in a big way. It’s an adventure, one that we chose.

Even with all the preparation and understanding in the world, life in the French capital and life in the French countryside are worlds apart.

Which leads us to the understatement of the year: things are different here.

Just how much of this journey I’m going to share publicly is still up for debate, both in my mind, with my wife, and with close friends and family. (Some are still in the dark about our move.)

Our reticence is habitual. We’ve always lived discreetly, under the radar. Publicity is limited to promoting books, not posing for selfies. Additionally, Parisians and expats alike have warned us about over-sharing. To add to the confusion, other friends have encouraged us to share our journey to the country with the world.

So exactly how, when, and what we make public is still firmly up in midair.

Nevertheless, the blog will continue, discussing all matter of topics, Old Money and otherwise.

Thank you for your support and participation.

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10 thoughts on “A Brief Explanation

  1. Outstanding! I am thrilled and excited for both of you! May your new adventure fill your lives with not only the hard but satisfying work involved but with joy and pleasure along the way as well! Much good luck in your endeavor! Stay safe and well!

  2. Hi Byron, hope you are well. As the seasons change and warm, I think your experiences will multiply and the sun will give its fresh view of life. Curious to hear more, of course, but understand your reticence. You are a great story-teller, and that is why we love to read about your adventures!

  3. Best to you and your wife on the next phase of things! Despite being one of the great world cities, Paris is still a city. There are times when we must leave and change gears. Perhaps that is your case. Enjoy!

  4. Wishing you many happy times in your new home! It is definitely a big change for you. I hope you have smooth sailing from here on in. -Heidi

  5. Byron-
    I hope the best is in store for you and your bride. Continue to spread your metaphorical wings, catch the wind, and fly to places that will help you and your bride become your finest selves ever.

    K. Lee

  6. I’m curious about the reasons for the move, both from the U.S. to France and from Paris to the countryside. Did you find something better? Were you not satisfied with the previous place? Just needed a change of scenery? I’d be interested to hear about the thought process.

  7. I’ve been out of pocket for a while, but just got a chance to catch up. Congratulations on your next chapter, and understand your desire to be discreet. Thank you for maintaining this space to discuss all things OM and I wish you and yours the best.

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