Old Money: In Their Own Words

I recently had coffee here in Paris with “David”, a long time Member of the Tribe and contributor of frequent, eloquent comments here on the blog. This conversation, like our previous ones, ran rampant from subject to subject: current events, culture, our respective work projects, the privileges (and pains) of flying on Air France (too) … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

Exemplar: Sonia Sotomayor

Continuing our recognition of outstanding women, today we spotlight Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. She’s one of the Exemplars I profile in Old Money, New Woman, the latest book in the Old Money series, written especially for women.  A native of the Bronx and a graduate of Yale Law School, my guess is she’s sharp … More Exemplar: Sonia Sotomayor

Old Money: In Their Own Words

“I think a there’s a lot to be said for not getting everything you want in life. Disappointments, regrets, even failures are hardly things to aim for, but they do round a man out. God help the person who is successful at everything. They either have a huge lesson ahead of them or they haven’t … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

What To Look for in a Partner – The 3 C’s

I’ve written extensively, online and in my books, about how to meet, date, get engaged, and get married to the right person. Sure, it’s difficult to define ‘right’, and so much randomness seems to be involved as we go through the process of falling in love. Still…I think it’s important we get our heads around … More What To Look for in a Partner – The 3 C’s

Parisian Profile: Bernard-Henri Levy

I’m not sure America really has an equivalent to Bernard-Henri Levy, the French philosopher, intellectual, author and all-round media personality. I’ve asked Parisians about him: none are lukewarm in their opinions. It’s love him or hate him for BHL. He writes books, opines on almost anything relevant in French or world politics, takes controversial positions … More Parisian Profile: Bernard-Henri Levy

The Huffington Post Talks Old Money

Journalist Geoff Williams spoke with a entrepreneurs, psychologists, wealth managers–and me–last week about when (and how) parents should stop giving their children money. His logic in wanting to speak with me was straightforward: Old Money families obviously know something about how to handle this issue, or there wouldn’t be any money left. He had some … More The Huffington Post Talks Old Money

A Note of Thanks, Again

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who purchased the book and wrote a review for Old Money, New Woman on Amazon. The flood of contributions have had unintended consequences, however. Amazon detected (or their algorithm detected) an unusual amount of reviews coming in and blocked publication of the reviews. I contacted Amazon about … More A Note of Thanks, Again