A Note of Thanks, Again

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who purchased the book and wrote a review for Old Money, New Woman on Amazon. The flood of contributions have had unintended consequences, however. Amazon detected (or their algorithm detected) an unusual amount of reviews coming in and blocked publication of the reviews. I contacted Amazon about … More A Note of Thanks, Again

Old Money, New Woman: The Exemplars

This month, we have the honor of presenting two Exemplars born on the same day, February 21, but in different years. Both excelled in their respective fields: public service and classical music. Both were born in the South, but made their marks farther afield: one primarily in Washington, DC, one primarily in New York City. … More Old Money, New Woman: The Exemplars

Old Money: In Their Own Words

We don’t advertise. Those were the words engraved into my brain as a child and young man. We enjoy our money and accomplishments in private, and we endure our hardships in private, too. If you’re doing well, not many people really want to know. If you’re not doing well, not many people really want to … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

Edmund Burke Nails It

A few weeks ago, one of our readers commented on the post “Will the American Aristocracy Please Stand Up” with the passage below from Edmund Burke, circa 1791. I didn’t want to let it remain in the comments section and risk it not being read by all. It’s extraordinary. Steve, thank you. Everyone, enjoy… “To … More Edmund Burke Nails It

Old Money and Screen Time

I recently came across and article in the New York Times that reveals a marked shift in attitude by affluent parents: they don’t want their children having too much computer or phone ‘screen time’ too early in life. You can read the article HERE. I’m a little flattered and a little irritated when things I’ve … More Old Money and Screen Time

Old Money, New Woman – The Exemplar

As some of you know, I’ll be releasing a new book in the coming weeks entitled Old Money, New Woman: How to Use the Secrets of the Upper Class to Make It in the Modern World. This third and probably final volume in the Old Money series (after The Old Money Book and The Old … More Old Money, New Woman – The Exemplar

Dispatches from Paris

It’s been an eventful few weeks here in Paris, so I thought I’d indulge in a Parisian recap of sorts. 1. As many of you are aware, France won the World Cup. Soccer (football) fans around the city were glued to cafe televisions during the process, with crowds spilling onto sidewalks and streets when the … More Dispatches from Paris

Old Money: A Different Approach

In the slow, uneven evolution of society–the process of progress–a few visionaries, sometimes lead by a charismatic leader, bring an issue to the front of the social consciousness. It is often an injustice like slavery, women’s rights, workers’ rights, discrimination: some unequal or unfair situation that should be remedied. Lawmakers are moved to recognize this … More Old Money: A Different Approach