Coming Soon: Old Money Style

It hasn’t been all coffee, croissants, cognac, and chocolates here in The City of Light. A little bit of work has transpired. In the coming weeks, the latest installment of the Old Money series will be available online and in bookstores: Old Money Style: Secrets To Dressing Well For Less – The Gentleman’s Edition. The … More Coming Soon: Old Money Style

The Price of Cheap…Continued

We’ve already addressed the price some pay for the cheap clothing we’re able to purchase: enabling overseas companies to pay near-slave wages, or no wages if garments are produced in prisons by inmates, hazardous working conditions, and the physical toll these sweatshops take on their workers. We can add an environmental impact to that list, … More The Price of Cheap…Continued

My Recent Conversation With God

My conversations with Supreme Intelligence began a few years ago when I met ‘Mahesh’ at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. We were discussing the possibility of collaborating on what would become The Hindu Way To Wealth. While I can’t go into the circumstances or processes involved, for obvious reasons–everybody would want to … More My Recent Conversation With God

Update: Gallantry and Etiquette

In an earlier post, I relayed the differences between French and American traditions regarding etiquette, specifically, gentlemen opening the door for young ladies and entering before or after them. To my complete surprise, the post was read by one of my cafe comrades, a native of Paris, who then, to the amusement of all involved … More Update: Gallantry and Etiquette

Exemplars: Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s easy to look at the life of Eleanor Roosevelt and think to ourselves, ‘They don’t make them like that anymore.’ In one sense I agree, and in another I would only add, ‘Well, let’s certainly hope they do.’ We could use another Eleanor or two in the world. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Roosevelt.  As niece … More Exemplars: Eleanor Roosevelt