Everything Old is News Again, or so it seems.

I often speak with journalists who want to understand a little more about the Old Money culture.

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to have The Old Money Book or Old Money, New Woman included in a book list or two.

Below are links to some recent press we’ve been lucky enough to receive.

Improve Her Health included us in their most important books for a woman to read list. Click HERE to review the list.

UpJourney asked me to write about Traditional American Values and How Best to Use Them.

They also included my comments about Why Life is So Hard. Read up on that HERE.

The Huffington Post wanted my thoughts on giving your children money. Click HERE to read up on this tricky subject.

And The Simple Dollar included some of my thoughts on what a healthy financial checklist might look like. Visit their site HERE.

I’ll be doing more interviews later this year, spreading the word about the books and, more importantly, the philosophy behind them, and will keep you updated.


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