Gallantry and Etiquette, According to the French

Friday evenings usually find me migrating to the neighborhood cafe (quelle surprise!) and enjoying a break in the action. The Usual Suspects who join me include a melange of academics, entertainers (aspiring and established), members of the French bureaucracy (high and low), a left-leaning–which is really saying something in France–political activist, his wife (member of … More Gallantry and Etiquette, According to the French

The Irony of It All

I was waiting at the Batobus* station recently, and struck up a conversation with a gentleman from Cleveland. He and his wife were visiting London, Paris, and Rome over a month. Art and culture were the focus of the trip (not their first here), and the conversation eventually turned to what I was doing in … More The Irony of It All

Motive and Opportunity

I don’t talk about myself much, to others in conversation, or on this blog in writing. I’m happy to talk about Old Money values, or discuss culture, history, philosophy, or current events. I have a keen interest in style–I would not call it fashion–and a passion for public policy–which I would not call politics. As … More Motive and Opportunity

Paris…For Parisians

When you arrive in a new city, especially one as unique and international as Paris, you become hypersensitive to your surroundings. At least I have. Paris is ‘foreign’ to me, in the sense that the natives do not speak English as their first language, and some of their customs and habits are unique. Unique not … More Paris…For Parisians

Under The Influencer

In my recent efforts to promote Old Money, New Woman, I’ve looked into advertising and publicity strategies, many on the digital frontier. I have royalties coming in every month from book sales, obviously. The conundrum that I face, with every other author and business owner on the planet, is how to maximize marketing efforts without … More Under The Influencer