A Cautionary Tale

For reasons that will soon be obvious, I’ll refer to the person in question as only ‘someone I know’. I’ve known them for awhile, and I’ve always been polite, even though at times that’s been difficult. I’ve always wished them well and hoped the best for them, and I was delighted when their entrepreneurial efforts … More A Cautionary Tale

The Big Chill

Paris is a pedestrian city, at least for me, and while songs may rave about ‘April in Paris’, most of the year has been downright chilly, save a couple of warm weeks in August. I’m never without a scarf, sweater, jacket, or all three. The climate is similar in London, which I’ve visited regularly the … More The Big Chill

Old Money, Unanswered Questions

“What are people looking at all the time on their cell phones?” “Where do people go dressed like that?” “Who buys all this junk?” “Do all these young men wearing ‘cargo shorts’ actually work on ships?” “Could we possibly go somewhere that’s a little quieter?” BGT  

Old Money Quote

“My rule is: I don’t say anything behind someone’s back that I wouldn’t say to their face. That doesn’t mean I’m a diplomat. My friends will tell you, ‘If you don’t want the truth, don’t ask Robert.’ What many of them don’t know is that my nickname growing up was Brick. As in, ‘subtle as … More Old Money Quote

Will The American Aristocracy Please Step Forward

There comes a time in the life of every country when we must acknowledge the existence of, and the need for, a social group to provide example, guidance, and influence in society and government. Egalitarian as we Americans like to think we are, we nevertheless informally nominate, elevate, consecrate, and hold in high(er) esteem, members … More Will The American Aristocracy Please Step Forward