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Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to meet with an Indian businessman who had read “The Old Money Book.”  He liked some parts of the book, but thought that the world needed to hear his culture’s perspectives on creating and preserving wealth, as well as finding lasting happiness.

Some of his ideas, I will tell you now, are in direct contradiction to the principles I detail in The Old Money Book. Nevertheless, some of his ideas have value. I’ve presented them in “The Hindu Way to Wealth” which is now available on Amazon.

My conversations with “Mahesh” (he insisted upon remaining anonymous) are lively, insightful, and refreshing. He is, to put it mildly, quite a character. He is also a tremendously successful businessman. More importantly, he revealed himself to be a solid family man and sincerely spiritual person. He talked the talk, but he also walked the walk in his daily life.

To be sure, I think the Old Money way to live is a solid one. It fosters financial independence and quality of life. But I’m not myopic enough to think that it’s the only way to achieve those two things.

Mahesh espouses many of the same values–sacred values, he calls them. He advocated hard work. He eschewed gimmicks and double-talk. He also held forth on some current economic issues that I don’t touch in The Old Money Book and won’t touch on this blog. I wouldn’t exactly call his opinions ‘investment advice’ but, given his track record for making money, I wouldn’t exactly ignore what he has to say on few chosen subjects.

For someone who’s immersed almost round-the-clock in the world of business and finance, Mahesh is also neck-deep in spiritual awareness and practice. I saw that the two really could coexist.  He would sound like an enlightened guru on minute and a salty, world-wise tycoon the next. I don’t think he’s a hypocrite (far from it), but he did encourage me to embrace contradictions, and that concept definitely helped in understanding him and some of the spiritual ideas he put forth.

So please enjoy “The Hindu Way to Wealth” and the blog, which Mahesh will (allegedly) be contributing to more than I will.

I’ll be back on the Old Money track later this year with “The Old Money Guide to Marriage” which should hit the shelves in print and digital editions around Thanksgiving.

Thank you very much.

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