Compliments To: The Surprise Millionaires

One of the most pleasant surprises for me when I wrote The Old Money Book and started the blog was finding another like-minded website that communicated so many of the values we promote here.

The Surprise Millionaires is a great website with inspiring stories about “Ordinary People” and “Extraordinary Wealth,” as they note on their site. Many of the people they spotlight do seem to lead ordinary lives. Some are school teachers. Some are civil servants. You won’t find the flashy hedge fund honcho here.

What you will find, many times, are heart-warming stories about unassuming people who worked hard, saved consistently, and gave generously, usually to charities or worthwhile causes in their immediate area.

When you talk about values, as I often do here, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Kudos to the the people behind The Surprise Millionaires.  I’m proud to be ‘on the same page’.  My only regret is not acknowledging you guys sooner.

Thank you.

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9 thoughts on “Compliments To: The Surprise Millionaires

  1. Thanks for linking to Surprise Millionaires, Byron.
    Between your blog( and,yes, I will definitely be getting your book) the SM blog, I feel like their is still hope for becoming financially independent, irregardless of age and honorable debts.

    I live in a small, extremely hippie dippy liberal town and after reading your blog on quality men’s shoes, I noticed that the only clothing stores downtown are Brooks Brothers, Allen Edmonds shoes, and a few other quality stores for men. Where do ladies shop?
    It was a pleasure seeing how wonderfully made the shoes were. Brooks brothers does sell some women’s clothing and looking closely at them was also a great lesson in quality. I thank you, because I never would have noticed otherwise.

    My parents always stressed quality over quantity at whatever level was affordable. My dream is to get a well made wardrobe and quality furniture ,etcetera so I can turn all my attention to creative, spiritual and intellectual pursuits; I don’t want to spend my time constantly replacing clothes and household items.
    Also, I must comment on your Cooke ts; they’re so positive, encouraging and well-mannered.
    Perhaps you could write about the importance of manners and treating others well.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you, May, for the comments. You might consider Brooks Brothers for ladies clothing, too. Perhaps some of the other readers have suggestions on quality, traditional women’s wear. ??? = BGT

    2. Hi May. For work, i like Ann Taylor. Some people complain that its too cookie cutter, you end up looking exactly like everybody else, but for the office that’s not such a bad thing and you can always accessorize. Lilly Pulitzer also has nice things and they’re a little less formal. L.L.Bean is an old money standard and my husband likes them, but I find that their women’s clothes never seem to fit quite right. J.Crew is also popular with the old money set and they have clothes that you could wear for work or play. For casual clothes, I like Vineyard Vines, and if you want some Nantucket Reds try Murray’s Toggery Shop. And of course Brooks Brothers and Polo Ralph Lauren are the old stand by’s for a wide range of basic clothing needs. I hope this gives you some idea where to get started, and good luck on your exploration!

      1. Hi Amy/May:

        Believe it or not, I have found Orvis clothing for women nice. It’s not for the office per se, but if you live a casual lifestyle or sporting one, their clothes are good quality. In an old life, I dressed very business in women’s suits, heels, pantyhose, the whole nine yards. Now, in our own business in New England, I can wear jeans and boots everyday, but I still like to look nice and put together for myself and our customers. I really dislike sloppy, lazy dress. Orvis has nice sweaters with scarves, Barbour jackets, good jeans, etc., and overall the quality is good. Just another suggestion for a slightly different look.

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