The Inevitable Old Money T-Shirt

Reluctant as I am to give an inch to prevailing trends, I do acknowledge that sometimes people do wear T-shirts…without a polo shirt or dress shirt worn over the said T-shirt. I am also painfully aware that sometimes words or images (or both!) are printed on the exposed T-shirt. The intent is to convey a … More The Inevitable Old Money T-Shirt

Bastille Day: An Appreciation

July 14th is Bastille Day in France, the date which the country celebrates its independence. Unlike Americans who threw fought to gain their freedom from a foreign ruler an ocean away, the French struggled to gain their liberty from home-grown rulers (royal heirs and self-appointed emperors) who often lived down the street. And it wasn’t … More Bastille Day: An Appreciation

The Post Pandemic Etiquette Primer

Hey there, boys and girls. Welcome back to the New Normal. As the term implies, there are things that remain as they were prior to the pandemic: your friends are still your friends. The guy from the IT department is still one taco shy of a combination plate. And getting your daily exercise requires just … More The Post Pandemic Etiquette Primer

Old Money: Reinventing the Fundamentals

As Paris reopens, I encounter more people from abroad. It’s refreshing for the most part, but tinged with a little dread: summer is here. Tourists are here, but hardly in the numbers of years past. Yes, I’m happy the pandemic has subsided. Still there is that sigh, that ennui that is so French: the interlude … More Old Money: Reinventing the Fundamentals

How To Address a Retail Addiction

In The Old Money Book, I talk about the importance of prioritizing Financial Independence: stacking up savings and investments before spending money on consumer products. Of course, this is not always easy. The cost of living seems to outpace salary increases. Kids need braces on their teeth. Automobiles need repairs. Houses need maintenance. Uncle Sam … More How To Address a Retail Addiction