6 thoughts on “The Balance

  1. An accomplished winemaker and hunter said that, when he was born, a drop of red wine was put in his mouth and his nose was tickled with a partridge feather. Scientifically, it’s hard to see any correlation. And yet, if one is “tickled” by (old) money early on, one will be more susceptible to handle it properly.

  2. It’s difficult to spend money when you look at every expenditure through the lenses of NPV, ROI and compounding appreciation if the money is invested. Also, the best things in life are free or very inexpensive.

  3. Byron – what are you thoughts on leaving a trust fund for your grandchildren? I don’t want to create entitled trust fund babies. On the other hand, my life would have played out different if somebody had given me $100K when I was 25.

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