Vendor Update: Online Privacy

A month or two ago, one of our members offered up Delete Me dot com ( as a tool to enhance an individual’s privacy by removing personal data found (and sold) online. Initially, I wasn’t as concerned as I should have been about online privacy. My wife and I have moved abroad. We don’t own … More Vendor Update: Online Privacy

How To Flip a Future Regret

A friend of mine here in Paris recently went through some dicey moments health-wise. I wouldn’t be so dramatic as to say that the priest had been called to the bedside to administer last rites, but the possibility of an early and unwelcome departure from this realm was definitely on the table. The shock and … More How To Flip a Future Regret

Winter Is Coming…Again

I rarely read the financial sections of newspapers, nor do I frequent online blogs about investing, the economy, and the politics that affect these parts of our world. I’m busy writing most of the time. However, I have friends who live and breath finance. They take in a steady, global diet information that often has … More Winter Is Coming…Again

A Private Conversation with…Richard Friesen

As most of our readers know, I rarely recommend products or services on the blog. Exceptions include Mercer & Sons shirts, Allen Edmonds shoes, and J Press for miscellaneous men’s clothing. The reasons for my reluctance are numerous: this blog is a sanctuary from ‘the sales pitch’. The internet allows almost anyone to find almost … More A Private Conversation with…Richard Friesen

The Importance of Narrative

Life in Paris is not always bowl of cherries, but it rarely goes long without a surprise. Most of the surprises are pleasant. A few are enlightening. One of the more enlightening moments occurred recently. (I’ll be intentionally vague with details to protect the privacy of those involved.) A young person from the United States … More The Importance of Narrative

We’re Not All Nice

I received an email the other day. The person suggested that I painted a little too rosy of a picture in regards to Old Money Guys and Gals. They pointed out that plenty of born-rich trust fund babies are obnoxious and incorrigible, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and anti-Semitic. To which I replied, Oh, most certainly. And … More We’re Not All Nice

The Hidden Irony Within The Old Money Life

At first glance, it’s easy for the casual passerby to label the Old Money way of life as ‘conservative’, in the financial and behavioral sense, and maybe half the time in the political sense, and ‘traditional’, in the sense of having long-held rituals and rules that rarely change, and change slowly if they do. The … More The Hidden Irony Within The Old Money Life

The Wristwatch Dilemma – An Updated Discussion

Stephan asked a question in the comments section a couple of weeks ago. I made a note to myself to respond and neglected to do so. My apologies, Stephan, and thank you for reminding me. Here’s Stephan’s question: Hi Byron, I have read the old money book recently and really appreciate it. I especially liked … More The Wristwatch Dilemma – An Updated Discussion