New Reality TV Show: “Keeping Away From The Kardashians”

My idea for a new reality television show is “Keeping Away From The Kardashians”.

It follows an Old Money family as they live their lives in a productive, drama-and-drug free manner, probably somewhere on the east coast of the United States.

They espouse the Core Values I articulate in The Old Money Book. They are modest about their wealth and live discreetly. Their cars and clothes are old, but well kept. They are prominent, but do not seek fame for its own sake. Actually, they actively avoid the limelight.


Old Money TV Show Problem: none of the stars of the show want their picture taken. Thus, the family Volvo stands alone.
Old Money TV Show Problem: none of the stars of the show want their picture taken. Thus, the family Volvo stands alone.


They work hard. They give anonymously to charity and treat others, regardless of their station in life, with courtesy and respect. They encourage their children to read. They have dinner at the dinner table. Conversation is lively and informed. Family members are polite to one another.

I don’t know…now that I think about it, the concept probably won’t make good television. It’s probably one of those things that just works in real life.

Oh well.

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18 thoughts on “New Reality TV Show: “Keeping Away From The Kardashians”

  1. And when they sit down at the dinner table everyone is wearing a collared shirt, probably an OCBD, a solid color polo shirt or a plaid sport shirt with a button down collar. Not a tee shirt in sight.

    1. Well, I don’t know about that. If other readers dress like that for every day evening meals, that is to say, no special occasion and not just in from the office, it would be interesting to hear from you. Ladies, do you dress in a skirt or dress every day for dinner? Especially if you do the cooking?

      1. This is late, (I’m only just working my way through the blog) but I do dress for dinner most days, unless I’m completely exhausted/ill, even when I’ve cooked and my dinner companions are simply my husband and my toddlers. I’m not OM, I just enjoy using my best on a daily basis.

        – Kathleen

  2. I would watch, too, SM. There’s that old adage…look at what 99% of everyone else is doing and then do the opposite.

  3. What a lovely idea. This is something I would actually watch, and, I usually don’t watch television.

  4. Would be a fascinating show, but wouldn’t sell due to lack of drama. You might try it as documentary with an offscreen, and of course, anonymous cast…except for Volvo the dog.;)

  5. Except for a little innocent drama I think you’re referring to “Leave it to Beaver”. They had class. Loved that show!

  6. Thanks! I grew up with these values, though I’m definitely not an OMG. I think they are in many ways core to a classic, conservative American middle/upper middle-class.

  7. It may be a huge hit! So drastically opposite of what is on TV today, the population might find it… “exotic”

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