9 thoughts on “Member of the Tribe – Part 16

  1. Yay! A lady. I’ve read about press and brooks up to my ears but there’s not so much as a penny loafer regarding lasting brands and style for the ladies. Thank you. (Al so noted the comment about the jeans.)


    1. Thanks, Stephanie. The Old Money Gal wardrobe is more challenging, especially for me. I think Amy has weighed in on it in past comments. Amy, do you recall? – BGT


  2. Not really Byron, but I’ll try. Hi Stephanie! The guys definitely have it a little easier when it comes to clothes. Most of my clothes come from companies that make clothes for men and women like Brooks Brothers, Polo Ralph Lauren and Lands’ End. If you’re looking for a company that makes clothes only for women, Lilly Pulitzer makes fun, colorful clothes for women that are great for summer. Vineyard Vines also makes lots of casual, outdoorsy clothes for women.

    There are some places that are traditionally more masculine, like L.L.Bean and Ben Silver that nevertheless make some quality items for women, and J.Crew and Southern Tide seem to be popular although I haven’t bought anything from them. One thing about Old Money Gals is that most of us don’t spend a lot of time or money keeping up with the latest fashions. We tend to make sure we’ve got the basics necessary to be properly dressed for any occasion and leave it at that.

    I’d recommend that you take a look at Lilly Pulitzer. They’re an old stand by for me. Good luck!


  3. Hi Mary. Yes, I guess layering is an old money staple. It keeps you warmer in cold weather than a single heavy coat and you can add and subtract layers as necessary to stay comfortable. Also laying gives you a way to have some variety and mix things up with a limited number of pieces. We tend to by high quality items and wear them over and over for a long time, so layering gives you a lot of options if you buy clothing that is somewhat versatile.

    This is one reason I try not to buy things that can only be used in one way or only with a specific combination of clothes. If you stick with the classics (OCBDs, polos, khakis, crew neck sweaters), buy quality and stick to basic, normal colors (I seem to have a lot of navy blue, white, burgundy and hunter green) you can throw on almost any of your clothes in almost any combination and still look presentable. Plus, you look like you have more important things to think about than clothes. Would you agree, Byron?


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