Old Money Essential: Thank You Notes

We’re going to talk about specific products very little here because, generally speaking, the Old Money way of life is not about being a consumer and buying things. It’s about values, priorities, and habits.

But an important exception has to be made when it comes to Thank You notes. It’s very important that you purchase and use these notes to send handwritten expressions of gratitude to friends, family, and colleagues at appropriate times.

If someone buys you lunch, even if it’s an old friend–especially if it’s an old friend–you should send a note to say thanks. The contents of the note are relatively unimportant. “Thank you for lunch. I really enjoyed it. Let’s do it again soon,” will suffice. Nothing verbose needed. Nothing clever required. If you feel you must write  a thank you note haiku, stop writing until the feeling passes.

An email or text is not acceptable. Technology can be fast, efficient, and inexpensive, but it is not personal and it never will be.

A thank you note’s impact is twofold: first, it’s for the other person. It tells them that you thought of them and appreciated the time spent together, the gift given, the memory shared. It strengthens your bond with them. It reveals to them the type of person you are: considerate, well-mannered.

Second, a thank you note reinforces the emotion of gratitude in you. It reminds you of how blessed you are, regardless of the challenges you face. The constant reinforcement of a positive emotion like gratitude, love, or joy is critical as you go through life. It will buffer disappointments. It will pull you in the direction of success. It will give you more to be thankful for.

Thank you notes need not be expensive. Crane makes high-quality, personalized paper products, but you can find perfectly good note cards in any office supply store or gift shop. What ever amount you spend, your note cards should be simple in design and used often.

So be your best self. Up your game. Write a note.

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Old Money Essential: Thank You Notes

  1. This is great advice, especially today. I’m a young man and no one my age sends handwritten thank-you notes. Perhaps that was a surprise to a chief of staff to an influential politician, to whom I sent a note (from Crane) after he graciously picked up drinks. I was told that he could not stop talking about the thought behind it and the quality of the paper. The politician that he works for told me.

    Take the time to send a handwritten note — it can go so far and speaks volumes about the kind of person you are.

    1. Thank you notes = gratitude and generosity. I always send them, and I always get them from my most successful friends. Funny correlation. Thanks again, Ghaz. – BGT

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