The Importance of Order

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed what seems to be an increase in the vocal and sometimes violent disruption of school board meetings, political speeches, and other organized events. These protests are sometimes well-organized by groups of activists. More often, they seem unplanned and unhinged: personal issues and unrelated frustrations boil over into the public square, … More The Importance of Order

The Mixed Bag: Returning to the US…Two Years Later

The slow retreat of Covid 19 and its Omicron variant have allowed me to safely plan a trip back to the United States this month. My last visit was in November of 2019. It’s been an eventful time in between, to say the least: a once-in-a-century pandemic, subsequent global travel bans, local and national lockdowns, … More The Mixed Bag: Returning to the US…Two Years Later

A Source of Inspiration: Oscar Wilde

Where stories for screenplays, ideas for books, or lyrics for songs come from is a mystery. Like asking a butterfly to land on your shoulder, creativity is not something that can be ordered like room service. What the world calls genius–the original, unfiltered, simple yet awesome light that shines so undeniably in rare works–comes when … More A Source of Inspiration: Oscar Wilde

A Small Thought for the New Year

Perhaps the best way for us to call attention to ourselves is not through our attire, not through the car we drive, or the house we live in, but through the quality of our work, the depth and scope of our education, the integrity of our choices, and the nuance of our opinions. So much … More A Small Thought for the New Year

The Price of Tech

We’ve spoken many times on this blog about backing off social media, limiting your daily screen time, generally retreating from the internet, and conversely connecting more often and more fully with people and the world on a face-to-face, realtime basis. I think we all agree that these practices can lead to a richer life as … More The Price of Tech

Re-Thinking Individualism

The pandemic brought more than a few issues to light, especially for the United States. These issues have, at their core, our notion of individuality: our self-reliant, go-it-alone, pioneer spirit that we believe is central to our identity as Americans. Governors and state governments found themselves at odds with the federal government, not for the … More Re-Thinking Individualism

What Nobody Ever Told Me About Career Choices

One of the blessings of being on the planet for an extended period of time is that it affords perspective. In that sense, I pity the young: they can’t look back very far. Many of us hope to offer our insights and experiences to the chronologically challenged. As I may have said before, we want … More What Nobody Ever Told Me About Career Choices

Old Money: The End Result

It’s easy to discuss, debate, and discount the merits of the philosophy and strategies presented in The Old Money Book.  I’ve articulated general principles. People have individual experiences. I’ve detailed basic fundamentals. Life is nuanced. The book was written in 2013. We live in 2021. Some things have changed. Given these realities, it can be … More Old Money: The End Result

Old Money vs. New Money – The Attitude

One of the most important behavioral markers for Old Money individuals and families is their attitude…or lack thereof. Old Money is many times noticed by what it is not: loud, arrogant, obnoxious, or  condescending, to name just a few. The logical reasons for such behavior are obvious but worth noting. First, when you’ve come from … More Old Money vs. New Money – The Attitude

Important Notice About The Old Money Book Blog

I hope all of you are enjoying a safe and productive new year. Life here in Paris is still very regulated, with an 8pm to 6am curfew in effect. Infection rates hover at a high but manageable level. Masks and social distancing are the norm. Cafes, restaurants, and museums are still closed and will certainly … More Important Notice About The Old Money Book Blog