The Social Dilemma on Netflix

For several years, I have been advocating that everyone in the entire world get off of social media in general, and delete their Facebook account in particular. Now, the very people who created these digital monsters are joining me. The Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma is now available to watch, and I strongly recommend that … More The Social Dilemma on Netflix

Education in the Age of Covid-19: The Good News

As great as the challenges seem right now for teachers, students, parents, and administrators, there are bright spots on the education landscape. Our ever-resourceful Foreign Correspondent David unearthed some inspiring developments from the UK where individuals and institutions are tackling issues both immediate and longstanding. First, the Mentor Jr project, which was started during the … More Education in the Age of Covid-19: The Good News

An Update from Paris

My apologies for the delay in replying to comments recently, and if I by chance missed a comment, please forgive me. Ironically, after an initial lull in the action, the workload here has intensified. I have been squeezed for time and responding to everyone’s contributions in a timely manner has been difficult. I hope to … More An Update from Paris

A Sense of Hope

In the previous post, I articulated the sense of loss that we might be feeling as so many aspects of our everyday life have been truncated, restricted, delayed, modified beyond all recognition, or completely vaporized. All that, in a matter of weeks. Usually, life allows us to adapt, change, and grow gradually. Going through school … More A Sense of Hope

Old Money: In Their Own Words

I graduated from law school wanting to help people. I started practicing in a rough neighborhood, representing people who otherwise couldn’t afford a decent attorney. I ate at the local cafe and engaged people socially and tried to become part of the community. It wasn’t working. I’d been raised in New Haven. I was young … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

An Inspirational Toast

Sharing a drink with a close friend recently, I was touched by a simple but inspiring toast. The hypothetical situation had been proposed that, at some point in time in the future, my wife and I might decide to become French citizens and reside in Paris permanently. While I continue to ‘identify’ strongly as an … More An Inspirational Toast