The Annual Back To School Wardrobe List

Bonjour, etudiants! It’s that time again…time to put the summer clothes away and assess what you need to acquire (or locate in the back of the closet) in order to be appropriately dressed to go back to school. If you’re a long-time reader, you’ll probably have a vague recollection of us going through this exercise … More The Annual Back To School Wardrobe List

The Limits of Belief

Most of the time, my life here in the City of Light is a steady but varied melange (French word) of writing, reading, phone calls, emails, meetings, long walks, and casual conversations. But every once in awhile, the routine’s sidewalk-cafe dreaminess is jolted, and I get cranky. The most recent occasion was marked by a … More The Limits of Belief

The Steering Committee

I recently attended a wedding reception here in Paris. A friend had tied the knot with his new love at the 4th arrondissement’s mayor’s office in a simple, charming civil ceremony. The reception was held at a local art gallery, owned by another friend. It was a joyful, fun afternoon filled with laughter, tears, joy, … More The Steering Committee

When (and How) To Stop Giving Your Children Money

I get more than a few emails asking about how to educate, communicate, and transition children into adulthood with good financial habits. The big question relating to this topic is often: when do I stop giving my kids money? As most of you remember, I was interviewed by Geoff Williams from The Huffington Post about … More When (and How) To Stop Giving Your Children Money

Old Money: A Different Approach

In the slow, uneven evolution of society–the process of progress–a few visionaries, sometimes lead by a charismatic leader, bring an issue to the front of the social consciousness. It is often an injustice like slavery, women’s rights, workers’ rights, discrimination: some unequal or unfair situation that should be remedied. Lawmakers are moved to recognize this … More Old Money: A Different Approach

Old Money: In Their Own Words

I think there are challenges for people when they look at our group and think they’d like to live like we do. The initial impulse I’ve witnessed before is to go buy things that would seem to indicate that one’s now gentrified. This reaction is typical of the middle class or upper middle class. They … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

Top Ten Old Money Pet Peeves

It’s been quite a year. And it’s the holiday time. What a better moment to articulate the things that have really irritated, aggravated, and annoyed Old Money Guys and Gals (OMGs) the last twelve months. So pour yourself a strong one, put your feet up, and grumble along with me as we detail The Top … More Top Ten Old Money Pet Peeves

5 Obstacles to Financial Independence

Honestly, we could name 500 obstacles to financial independence. Such is the world we live in. But for the sake of simplicity and brevity, let’s hold it to five, and avoid those on the road to being new Old Money. In no particular order of importance, they are as follows: Trouble with the law. As … More 5 Obstacles to Financial Independence