Old Money and Optimism

The headlines in the mainstream media, and even some posts on this blog, wax anxiously about inflation, unemployment, and financial crises. No matter which way we look sometimes, it seems there are dark clouds on every horizon. Nevertheless, I feel it’s essential to emphasize the importance of optimism. We must, in order to be psychologically … More Old Money and Optimism

Harrow – A Very British School

In The Old Money Book, I emphasize the importance of education as a key element in the creation and preservation of wealth. More importantly, it’s a major contributor to one’s overall quality of life. Seeking out the best education possible for yourself and your children, beginning as early as possible, and to continue learning throughout … More Harrow – A Very British School

Is Kevin Bacon Old Money?

It’s much easier to maintain or adopt Old Money Values when your life, and its incumbent joys and regrets, are experienced in relative privacy. By relative, I mean that if you make a fool of yourself, the circle of embarrassment is limited to your family and a few (hopefully) understanding friends and colleagues. Being a … More Is Kevin Bacon Old Money?

Fed Up and The Old Money Diet

One of the Core Values discussed in The Old Money Book is Health. It’s difficult to be Old Money, or old, or money, if you aren’t healthy. We all know that, in tandem with exercise, diet is essential to good health. We’re not talking celebrity-endorsed fad diets that come and go on bestseller lists and … More Fed Up and The Old Money Diet