Why I Buy 10 Pairs of Socks at One Time

I had a recent conversation with a friend of mine. We discussed retail purchases and I confessed that I bought a volume of wool socks from LL Bean in a single order. He was shocked. He thought it went against my philosophy of thrift. I explained: first, when I buy ten pairs of socks from … More Why I Buy 10 Pairs of Socks at One Time

The Lost Money Look…10 Years On

The following article appeared on the Ivy Style blog in 2008, during the pitch black months of the financial crisis. The blog’s founder, Christian Chensvold, promotes the ‘Ivy Style’ wardrobe and to a lesser extent its corresponding values. His article here is interesting: he makes the astute observation that the American economy is largely kept … More The Lost Money Look…10 Years On

Signs of Intelligent Life

I received an email the other day. A colleague of mine had passed away. My attitude about death is a little…removed, I’d say. I see it as inevitable, and only view it as a tragedy when someone hasn’t had the opportunity to ‘do their thing’–to contribute, to express themselves, to have their time up to … More Signs of Intelligent Life

Mariage Frères – Paris

A recently birthday celebration found us at the Salon de The of Mariage Freres in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. The Marais boutique, packed floor-to-high-ceiling with the company’s world famous collection of teas, is located downstairs and is bustling with aficionados and tourists alike most days. Less obvious and a little less well known is … More Mariage Frères – Paris