The Old Money Attribute: Independent Thinking

A couple of American OMG’s live in our neighborhood here in Paris. Every month or so, we’ll migrate to a cafe and share a coffee, huddling and communicating with the verbal shorthand and instant understanding that only fellow countrymen (and women) share. As expatriates, this camaraderie is refreshing, as we are immersed in the French … More The Old Money Attribute: Independent Thinking

The Match Game

One of my Old Money friends called from the US the other day, a little irritated. Normally an optimistic and upbeat person, I was concerned by the tone in her voice. When I asked her what was wrong, she confessed: the habit of not sending paper thank-you notes had infected her circle of Ivy League-educated … More The Match Game

Look What I Can Do

Life gives you a body, always young and often strong; You revel in shoulders stretched broad and legs striding so long. You run like the wind, intoxicated with the new, You flex and proclaim, Look what I can do! But little attention is paid to that Constant Twin clad in grey Who matches step for … More Look What I Can Do