The Statement and The Stand

The Statement and The Stand The writer voiced his opinions, right and left and loud, to an eager group of minions, a young, impressionable crowd. Back and a little to the side sat a solitary man, listening wearily as he eyed the glass of whiskey in his hand. The writer went on and they all heard about his blogs and … More The Statement and The Stand

Old Money Likes ‘Ladies Like Us’

I recently finished reading ‘Ladies Like Us‘, an informative and enlightening book by Alena Kate Pettitt. I recommend it highly for teenage girls and their parents, as it provides sterling guidance in matters of values, goals, self-esteem, relationships, etiquette and manners, dress, and numerous other important subjects. Alena’s perspective aligns perfectly with Old Money values … More Old Money Likes ‘Ladies Like Us’

The Age of Opinion

Historians have noted that we have passed through the Middle Ages, the Age of Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, and the Age of Technology. I would like to propose that we have now entered The Age of Opinion, and I’m not sure I’m completely delighted about it. We have all of the information amassed in recorded human … More The Age of Opinion