Old Money Likes ‘Ladies Like Us’

I recently finished reading ‘Ladies Like Us‘, an informative and enlightening book by Alena Kate Pettitt. I recommend it highly for teenage girls and their parents, as it provides sterling guidance in matters of values, goals, self-esteem, relationships, etiquette and manners, dress, and numerous other important subjects. Alena’s perspective aligns perfectly with Old Money values … More Old Money Likes ‘Ladies Like Us’

A Note of Thanks

I’d just like to take a quick moment and thank everyone who reads, shares, and contributes to the blog. You’ve all added much more insight, color, and depth to the subject of Old Money than I could have ever done on my own. One thing I’m particularly grateful for is that, as best I can … More A Note of Thanks

Old Money Quote

If you think that a material possession is going to improve your self esteem, remember: when it’s cold outside, it’s not your coat that keeps you warm; it’s the heat from your own body. The coat only surrounds you, and holds what’s inside. Byron Tully