Why So Angry?

Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that Americans in general seem angrier. My observation has been seconded by friends and colleagues who mention the increased frequency of emotional outbursts: incidents of road rage, domestic disputes between spouses, and workplace flare-ups. People have always been impatient in traffic. They’ve always become frustrated with their … More Why So Angry?

Old Money and The Intern

I recently received an email from a college student asking about the possibility of an internship, working in some capacity for me. The young man detailed a stellar academic record with an appropriate amount of modesty, and articulated his present career goals with clarity and candor. (He was aware that he might change his mind … More Old Money and The Intern

Old Money and Raising Children

A few weeks ago, David, one of our regular readers and contributors in the comments section, inquired about how Old Money families raise their children. I responded, and David suggested that the response might make a good blog post. ┬áRereading what I’d written, I think he has a point. So, below is the response in … More Old Money and Raising Children