Old Money – Public Service

Whether they’re fire-brand conservatives or bleeding-heart liberals, the tradition of public service is a strong one with Old Money Guys. Here are just a few who eschewed the comfortable, quiet life of inherited wealth and went, once more, unto the breach. William F. Buckley, conservative political commentator and author. Edward Kennedy, Democrat, United States Senator. … More Old Money – Public Service

What Old Money Wants New Money To Know

After a few too many scotches the other night, a group of friends (OMGs one and all, some by birth, others by choice) drafted a list of the things they’d like to whisper to the newly minted rich but are too polite to do so. Which leaves it up to me. Not unlike a strong … More What Old Money Wants New Money To Know

How To Recognize an OMG

You’ve bought a copy of The Old Money Book and read it, maybe more than once. (And I thank you.) You’re enjoying doing things more than buying things. You’re on your way to accomplishing your personal and professional goals. You’ve got your finances and your priorities in order. You’re living the Old Money life. The … More How To Recognize an OMG