Another Jewel from Our Readers

A special ‘thank you’ to David, one of our valued readers and contributors, who brought the following to my attention. When he died at age 89, after four decades on Wall Street, legendary investment banker Richard Jenrette left 24 rules for being successful in life and business behind.  I think they’re timeless, and worth sharing. … More Another Jewel from Our Readers

Oliveiras do Bouro – A Table Tradition

A few months ago, one of our readers shared with me the story of how he had taken over his family’s olive oil operation in Portugal. Believing that family legacies–business and otherwise–are a key element of the Old Money culture, I asked him to share some information about the business. (And I’ll add that ‘business’ … More Oliveiras do Bouro – A Table Tradition

Old Money: A Different Approach

In the slow, uneven evolution of society–the process of progress–a few visionaries, sometimes lead by a charismatic leader, bring an issue to the front of the social consciousness. It is often an injustice like slavery, women’s rights, workers’ rights, discrimination: some unequal or unfair situation that should be remedied. Lawmakers are moved to recognize this … More Old Money: A Different Approach

Regarding Investments

I received an email recently from Melissa, one of our readers, regarding investment advice. While I’ve mentioned that I don’t give advice on investments, I do want to open the floor to everyone to provide some guidance related to this issue. By ‘guidance’, I mean advice regarding an approach, a strategy, a philosophy, even comments … More Regarding Investments

From One of Our Readers…

One of our readers, Jay, was quite generous in forwarding to me the following article. It was initially published in Crisis Magazine, I believe. Jay noted that a lot of Old Money attributes might be found in it. I am certain he’s correct. Thank you, Jay. Here’s the article… Accounts vary, and a few say that … More From One of Our Readers…

Dispatch from Paris: Simone Veil Ceremony

Last year, Simone Veil died at the age of 90. My wife and I were here in Paris, but for some reason, we didn’t realize what a loss her passing was for France.  Today, her body was taken to the Pantheon, along with her husband Antoine’s, was officially interred in a crypt there. The ceremony … More Dispatch from Paris: Simone Veil Ceremony