Silicon Valley Acts Old (Money, That Is)

With the tsunami of cash that has poured over Silicon Valley in the last thirty years, you might expect a plethora of yachts, McMansions, and luxury sports cars to be driven by those who’ve been successful. There are some, to be sure, but they’re more likely to be driven by those who offer goods and … More Silicon Valley Acts Old (Money, That Is)


I know of no subject contemplated, mythologized, and trumpeted more–and practiced less–than loyalty, especially in America. It’s not surprising given the transient, temporary, and disposable nature of our culture. We strive for what is quick and convenient, and true friendship is neither. And it is on the altar of true friendship that we sacrifice what … More Loyalty

Etiquette, Italian Style

A year or two ago, I was in Florence, being a flaneur. I got lost. How? Good question. Florence has always struck me as a small town. One with great art, stunning architecture, jaw-dropping history and wonderful people, but small nonetheless. Somewhere behind the Santa Croce, I was wandering helplessly in a labyrinth of cobblestone and … More Etiquette, Italian Style

The Work Ethic

A key element to the Old Money philosophy is the work ethic.  Many people think that Old Money descendants don’t work hard. It’s true, some loaf. Some don’t work at all, but they aren’t happy. Most children in affluent families work hard. It’s expected. And it’s essential for happiness. You see, real happiness requires purpose. … More The Work Ethic

The Price of Cheap

The collapse of a garment factory building in Bangladesh  that killed over 800 people two weeks ago brings into sharp focus the real price of cheap clothing. In “The Old Money Book“, which I wrote late in 2012, I talk about this briefly, encouraging readers to purchase quality clothing less often, and avoid five dollar … More The Price of Cheap