Old Money Comes Clean

I encourage people to dress simply and modestly. To moderate their expenditures. To refrain from vulgar displays. Still, sometimes I like to wear shirts (and ties) that can be seen from outer space. I don’t know why. I’m righteously conservative in so many other areas of my life…and wardrobe. I simply thought it would be … More Old Money Comes Clean

Common Ground

As polarized as America’s political parties and positions seem to be today, it’s refreshing to see Americans in Paris, especially when people, who would otherwise be strangers in the states, run into each other in Paris. This happy accident usually occurs on a bridge or near a landmark like Notre Dame, when one couple hears … More Common Ground

Sexual Assault: An Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey

Dear Ms. Winfrey, As you know, scores of courageous women have come forth recently and made public their experiences involving sexual assault. Often, famous men are involved. This has been called a ‘watershed moment’ for American women, a ‘game-changer’ for American society, and a ‘reckoning’ for American men, especially those in positions of power who … More Sexual Assault: An Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey

The Hindu Way To Wealth – A Recent Conversation

I recently had a conversation with my anonymous friend “Mahesh”. We collaborated on the book “The Hindu Way To Wealth“, in which I spoke with him about the fundamentals and philosophy of his culture’s perspective on wealth. He’s made a lot of money, and seems to do exactly the opposite of what I recommend in … More The Hindu Way To Wealth – A Recent Conversation