Are You Ready for a Downturn?

Financial analysts and newspaper headlines are warning about another recession. It’s been awhile–over 10 years in fact–since the economy suddenly contracted and left many Americans of all income levels in no small amount of pain. It was 2007. The stock market tanked. Unemployment spiked. Homes were lost. Portfolios ravaged. Many people were forced to rethink … More Are You Ready for a Downturn?

Under The Influencer

In my recent efforts to promote Old Money, New Woman, I’ve looked into advertising and publicity strategies, many on the digital frontier. I have royalties coming in every month from book sales, obviously. The conundrum that I face, with every other author and business owner on the planet, is how to maximize marketing efforts without … More Under The Influencer

Exemplars: Coco Chanel

Reminders of this fashion icon–arguably the first fashion icon–are everywhere in Paris. Under the obvious category are her boutiques, the ‘CC’ logo on billboards, and the fashion pilgrims who line up outside Angelina Cafe, her habitual haunt later in life, to pay homage. They wait to take a seat, breathe in the elegant air, sip … More Exemplars: Coco Chanel

The Old Money Book Blog – An Update

You may have noticed some recent updates to The Old Money Book blog. Among other little tweaks, some new pages have been added. You can click and view information about me (argh) on the About page; Review past posts more easily on the Archives page; Find summaries and quick links to most of my titles … More The Old Money Book Blog – An Update

The Annual Back To School Wardrobe List

Bonjour, etudiants! It’s that time again…time to put the summer clothes away and assess what you need to acquire (or locate in the back of the closet) in order to be appropriately dressed to go back to school. If you’re a long-time reader, you’ll probably have a vague recollection of us going through this exercise … More The Annual Back To School Wardrobe List

Old Money: In Their Own Words

The moment one enters a dining establishment is the moment the person dining there accepts that he or she will always be ‘wrong’ that evening. What do I mean by this? I mean that you, as the customer, are going to accept responsibility for any misunderstandings that occur with the restaurant staff that evening.  The … More Old Money: In Their Own Words

The Limits of Belief

Most of the time, my life here in the City of Light is a steady but varied melange (French word) of writing, reading, phone calls, emails, meetings, long walks, and casual conversations. But every once in awhile, the routine’s sidewalk-cafe dreaminess is jolted, and I get cranky. The most recent occasion was marked by a … More The Limits of Belief

The Paris Experience: Cafe Life

Aside from the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, there’s probably nothing as quintessentially ‘Parisian’ as the sidewalk cafe. A lot of other cities in the world have cafes, and very good ones: Rome, Vienna, Barcelona, Buenos Aires. But as a unique cultural institution with its own permanent place in our imagination, it’s the cafe in … More The Paris Experience: Cafe Life