The Rewards of Living Like Old Money

I talk a lot on this blog and in The Old Money Book about the things Old Money doesn’t do and doesn’t spend money on. Don’t buy the latest fashions. Don’t buy new cars. Don’t waste money on this. Don’t spend money on that. Maybe it can all get a bit depressing. Certainly, we all … More The Rewards of Living Like Old Money

5 Obstacles to Financial Independence

Honestly, we could name 500 obstacles to financial independence. Such is the world we live in. But for the sake of simplicity and brevity, let’s hold it to five, and avoid those on the road to being new Old Money. In no particular order of importance, they are as follows: Trouble with the law. As … More 5 Obstacles to Financial Independence

New Book: The Hindu Way to Wealth

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to meet with an Indian businessman who had read “The Old Money Book.”  He liked some parts of the book, but thought that the world needed to hear his culture’s perspectives on creating and preserving wealth, as well as finding lasting happiness. Some of his ideas, I will … More New Book: The Hindu Way to Wealth

Compliments To: The Surprise Millionaires

One of the most pleasant surprises for me when I wrote The Old Money Book and started the blog was finding another like-minded website that communicated so many of the values we promote here. The Surprise Millionaires is a great website with inspiring stories about “Ordinary People” and “Extraordinary Wealth,” as they note on their … More Compliments To: The Surprise Millionaires

The Importance of Empathy

You’re reading this blog. You’ve already bought and read The Old Money Book. You’ve embraced the values, priorities, and habits that are presented in it, and you’re living the Old Money life. And now, a short time later, you either begin or continue to prosper as a result. Maybe you even experience a financial windfall … More The Importance of Empathy

What I Do

Innovative and intuitive content creator and cliche disruptor in the generational wealth and time-tested values preservation space. Curator of the vieilles fortunes culture in the digital and print media formats. Style sherpa for under-represented, non-trending demographic. Whatever. Give me a break with the overly innocuous, beyond-cutting-edge job descriptions. Say what you do in plain language … More What I Do