The Lost Art of Conversation

There’s always plenty of commentary and discussion about technology’s impact on human interaction, particularly conversation. Online, I see headlines about how someone or something has ‘started the conversation’ about a particular issue. Actually, in the realm of social media, it may have started with posts, comments, photos, videos, and all manner of things going viral. … More The Lost Art of Conversation

“The Old Money Guide To Marriage” – Now in Paperback!

I’m happy to announce that, as promised, “The Old Money Guide To Marriage” is now in print and available on Amazon. If you’re considering getting married, soon or ever, obviously this book is for you. If you’re the parent of a 16 year old who’s about to start seriously dating, a college student who’s still … More “The Old Money Guide To Marriage” – Now in Paperback!

The Lost Art of Modesty

We live in an age of overreaching self-promotion. The digital age has hatched self-proclaimed experts in every field imaginable.We list our accomplishments brazenly on social media. We don airs of confidence and promises of performance that may or may not exceed our competence. To paraphrase an old saying, our mouths often write checks that our … More The Lost Art of Modesty