The Definition of Value

Definition Value equals price over time. Price is the cost in terms of money and energy required to obtain a particular item or experience. Time in this instance is the amount and quality of use or benefit obtained from a particular expenditure. Rule #1 Material objects have a definitive value in terms of price and … More The Definition of Value

What Your Aspirations Reveal About You

Do you long for ‘success’? Or do you strive for accomplishment? Do you seek the outward appearance of affluence? Or do you endeavor to secure real financial independence? Do you fantasize about winning the lottery? Or do you imagine opportunities to create wealth? What you aspire to be is revealing, not least to yourself. I’ve … More What Your Aspirations Reveal About You

Dysgradia Syndrome – Where You Won’t See It

Dysgradia is a syndrome that most often arises in children whose parents are very affluent and in some middle class children who are just plain spoiled. Its definition is, in everyday terms, the disconnect between accomplishing something and enjoying the subsequent reward. It is the opposite of self-sufficiency. Children suffering from dysgradia enjoy the benefits … More Dysgradia Syndrome – Where You Won’t See It