The Importance of Order

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed what seems to be an increase in the vocal and sometimes violent disruption of school board meetings, political speeches, and other organized events. These protests are sometimes well-organized by groups of activists. More often, they seem unplanned and unhinged: personal issues and unrelated frustrations boil over into the public square, … More The Importance of Order

The Mixed Bag: Returning to the US…Two Years Later

The slow retreat of Covid 19 and its Omicron variant have allowed me to safely plan a trip back to the United States this month. My last visit was in November of 2019. It’s been an eventful time in between, to say the least: a once-in-a-century pandemic, subsequent global travel bans, local and national lockdowns, … More The Mixed Bag: Returning to the US…Two Years Later

Is It Too Much To Ask…?

As most of our frequent readers know, I rarely ask members of this community for favors. Of course, I encourage everyone to adopt the Old Money way of life, prioritizing health, education, financial independence, modest/low-key living, etc. Thus far, I have chosen not to run ads on this site. It strikes me as a little … More Is It Too Much To Ask…?