Parisian Parenting: The Basics

After 3 years of living here in Paris, I’ve begun to pick up on some of the more obscure but fascinating details of this unique culture. Parenting is a prime example, and I may have discussed it here before. I know I’ve discussed it with French and American friends at length. The overall behavior and … More Parisian Parenting: The Basics

The Job Description

“We’ve seen it all. Nothing lasts forever. My ancestors weren’t slaughtered because they treated people fairly on a daily basis and were generous on a few occasions. It doesn’t sound like much, but the way some people were treated was awful. They say that’s what happens when the ‘worm turns’? No, that’s what happens when … More The Job Description

It’s Not Just a River in Egypt

One of the most dangerous things in life is denial: to be presented with facts, evidence, or a set of circumstances and choose to refute them or ignore them. This is the enemy of progress and growth. The parasite that feeds on reason. The opposite of awareness. The abdication of responsibility. The accelerant of disaster. … More It’s Not Just a River in Egypt