The Lottery Winner’s Smartest Move

This past week, a very lucky person from South Carolina won $400 million in the national lottery. Unlike his (or her) predecessors, who have offered themselves up for public consumption via press conferences and television interviews, this lucky person has revealed themselves to also be, initially at least, quite astute: they have decided to claim … More The Lottery Winner’s Smartest Move

This Time, It’s Personal

Very often, people behave in ways that they know are not in their best interest. They spend too much, ignore warning signs in their relationships, and endanger their health, among other things. Why they do this is puzzling for others to watch, and can be frustrating as we–as friends, family, or colleagues–can easily see the … More This Time, It’s Personal

It’s All About Choices

When I hear people say that they want to do something but they can’t afford it, my antennae go up. Why? Because, often in the next sentence, I hear them mention something else that they’ve spent money on. And that something usually costs as much or more as the thing they say they can’t afford, … More It’s All About Choices

The Best Way To Give Today

In spite of the overall sluggish state of the economy, there are many people–Old Money and New–who are doing well financially. There always are, actually. If you’re one of them, you may be contemplating how to give charitably and have the most impact for every dollar. Giving can never be termed a “failure”, although I … More The Best Way To Give Today

Why Our Work Fatigues Us

Many people work at jobs that are not very demanding, physically or mentally, and at the end of the week find themselves exhausted. They really need the weekend–as well as the long weekends and holidays that are sprinkled throughout the calendar year–to recover. Other people have jobs that demand all of their mental and physical … More Why Our Work Fatigues Us