Let’s Expand Capital Punishment

I consider myself a tolerant and spiritually evolved individual. I realize that not all members of society have been dealt the same hand of cards to play in life. I also realize that–regardless of the circumstances of a person’s birth, the environment in which they were raised, or the opportunities they have or have not … More Let’s Expand Capital Punishment

The Challenges With Advice

In The Old Money Book, I give advice on How To Live Better While Spending Less. The concepts I articulate, like the importance of financial independence, the work ethic, and family, and the fundamentals I detail, like how to dress and behave, are time-tested and straightforward. There’s no magic. There’s no instant gratification. The philosophy … More The Challenges With Advice

The Importance of Family

Family is one of the Core Values I discuss in The Old Money Book. Why? Because it’s essential to a healthy, stable, and productive life. Whether you’re lucky enough to have been born into a loving family, or if you have to build one around you that may even include non-blood relationships, it’s an important … More The Importance of Family

What Price Education?

I’m usually very circumspect with my posts, but this one’s coming off the (French) cuff, and if you detect more than a little outrage, you’re right. In the last day or so, there have been several articles online and in print discussing college graduates defaulting on their student loans. The most prominent Op-Ed piece appeared … More What Price Education?

Old Money: In Their Own Words – Part 4

An OMG shares his memories of his youth and the values that were handed down from his family. “It is weird growing up with old wealth. The way I was raised was like this, I received lots of gifts for my birthday and Christmas. I usually got gifts that would help me to become a … More Old Money: In Their Own Words – Part 4