Black Friday Alternative

If you’ve followed this blog at all, or if you’ve read The Old Money Book, you know how I feel about rampant consumerism. Aside from the obvious effect of crippling many Americans financially, it’s also eroding our personal relationships. I feel that many people have substituted shopping for having real interests like reading, travel, mentoring, … More Black Friday Alternative

Thank You,

As some of you already know, The Old Money Book is up on goodreads.comĀ and, I’m delighted and grateful to say, is being very well received. In an effort to promote the book on the website, I recently offered to give away twenty autographed and personalized copies to Goodreads members. The response was overwhelming, with 600 … More Thank You,

The New Double Bottom Line for Our Companies–And Ourselves

Our free market economy is driven by men and women who have an idea, a product, a service, a vision. Something that might be incredibly essential or unbelievably frivolous, but something that they feel compelled to create and offer for sale to the public. We buy it, or we don’t buy it. We trade our … More The New Double Bottom Line for Our Companies–And Ourselves

Old Money Thought for the Day

You won’t be able to buy anything that’s really worth having. You’ll have to earn it. You’ll have to become it. You’ll have to study it. You’ll have to embrace it. And after you do all that, if it is really worthwhile, there will still be a mystery about it. And you will have to … More Old Money Thought for the Day