Issues With Authority

As many of you probably know, I’m the author of The Old Money Book, and a fairly vocal proponent of financial independence, family, the work ethic, and generally what many would consider “traditional values”.  I think a healthy marriage and living within your means are good ideas. I don’t care for conspicuous consumption. In a … More Issues With Authority

A Note of Thanks

It’s been a great year for all things Old Money. Sales for the original Old Money Book has been brisk, increasing every month since its original publication in 2013.  In addition to ebook and paperback sales, there’s been a warm welcome for the audio book, which came out on Audible this year. The Old Money … More A Note of Thanks

Old Money Considers: Buying a Single Family Residence

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had several comments and questions (on the blog and on my personal email) about purchasing a single family residence. In the past, I’ve made my position clear. To summarize, I encourage everyone to think long and hard about taking on a mortgage for a piece of property that doesn’t … More Old Money Considers: Buying a Single Family Residence