A Note of Thanks, Again

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who purchased the book and wrote a review for Old Money, New Woman on Amazon. The flood of contributions have had unintended consequences, however. Amazon detected (or their algorithm detected) an unusual amount of reviews coming in and blocked publication of the reviews. I contacted Amazon about … More A Note of Thanks, Again

Old Money, New Woman: The Exemplars

This month, we have the honor of presenting two Exemplars born on the same day, February 21, but in different years. Both excelled in their respective fields: public service and classical music. Both were born in the South, but made their marks farther afield: one primarily in Washington, DC, one primarily in New York City. … More Old Money, New Woman: The Exemplars

Old Money, New Woman, Rare Request

I rarely ask anyone to do me a favor. I try to be as self-sufficient as possible and make my own way in the world. However, I am asking for your assistance today. But first, a note of thanks. Sales for Old Money, New Woman have been excellent, and that’s because of you. I’ve received … More Old Money, New Woman, Rare Request

Ticket to Ride

I was recently discussing the etymology of certain words with a French friend. We bounced back and forth between the English meaning I wanted to express and searched for the French word that most accurately communicated it. We discussed the concept of doing what was ‘right’, and then discussed the distinctions–and translations–for what was ‘correct’, … More Ticket to Ride

Message in a Buckle

The nonverbal communications embedded in French culture are a never-ending source of fascination for me here in Paris. Because I’m not fluent enough in French to catch certain subtle, revealing turns of phrase, I miss that part of the ‘delivery’ that might carry double entendres or hidden gems of humor in conversation. I do, however, … More Message in a Buckle

Old Money, New Woman: Appreciation

Your response to the release of my latest book, “Old Money, New Woman: How To Manage Your Money and Your Life” has been heartwarming and inspiring. Thank you. I hope you all find the book a great read. I’m always honored and often humbled when I receive notes from readers who not only enjoy my … More Old Money, New Woman: Appreciation

Notes on the Parisian Life…Thus Far

After having recently applied with the Les Powers That Be once again to live legally in France for another year, I thought I’d provide an update on the Parisian Life. ‘Reseau’ was a word–and an important concept–that was introduced to me in the first week of living in France. It translates to ‘network’, the group … More Notes on the Parisian Life…Thus Far