What Moderates My Advice

There’s a tremendous amount of advice given on the internet. It may be the most common commodity in digital form, truth by told. Self-proclaimed experts pop up around every corner with dubious credentials, sure-fire suggestions, and breathless testimonials from satisfied customers whose lives they have forever changed. These sages of wisdom, well-intentioned as I’m sure … More What Moderates My Advice

Symptoms of Being Old Money

In The Old Money Book, I detail the values, priorities and habits of America’s Upper Class, families who’ve had privilege and wealth for usually three generations or more. But anyone can adopt these values and live a richer life in the process. You’ll learn to appreciate experiences over material possessions; financial independence over outward displays … More Symptoms of Being Old Money

Beneath This Mountain Book Release

I hope you’ll endure a moment of self-promotion. I’ve just published a book of poetry entitled “Beneath This Mountain and 24 Other Short Poems.” It would be great say, “If you like The Old Money Book and its blog, you’ll really love this book of poetry!” But the truth is that the two publications have … More Beneath This Mountain Book Release

Beneath This Mountain – September 11, 2001

A few years after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, my wife and I visited the site in New York City. There was an overwhelming sense of sadness that permeated the atmosphere among visitors, even as the citizens in the area showed a great deal of courage and resolve. I returned home and wrote … More Beneath This Mountain – September 11, 2001

John T. Reed’s Old Money Shopping List

John T. Reed is a graduate of Harvard’s MBA program, as is his wife. Originally from modest circumstances, he gradually acquired Old Money habits and tastes. He recounts his experiences, and provides a guide for how to spend money, here. It’s a great article. You may also want to check out his books on real … More John T. Reed’s Old Money Shopping List