Your Christmas Gift This Year

It may be like spitting on a forest fire this holiday season to avoid the consumer/gift/holiday shopping traps that marketing and social expectations heap on us. All I can say about this is to be aware of the persuasive impact of advertising, be reasonable in your gift purchases, and make sure to buttress the consumerism … More Your Christmas Gift This Year

Exemplars – Ada Byron King

Continuing our recognition of great women in history, please enjoy this post on Ada Byron King, Countess of Lovelace…   Ada Byron King, Countess of Lovelace, was born today, December 10, in 1815. Her determined mother spearheaded Ada’s rigorous education, which focused on music, mathematics, and science. The learning stuck, and paid off. In 1833, … More Exemplars – Ada Byron King

A Word About George H.W. Bush

For personal reasons, I was unable to post in a more timely manner on the passing of one of our most respected Old Money political leaders. We’ve profiled the late president George Herbert Walker Bush on this blog before. As many have commented in the media, his passing (combined with the passing of John McCain) … More A Word About George H.W. Bush

Green With Envy

Same location in Paris, near the Ralph Lauren boutique and the legendary Lipp’s Brasserie in the 4th arrondissement. Instead of the vintage green Triumph, which I photographed and posted in September, I find this… Immaculately preserved. Illegally parked, as the writing on the pavement will attest:  “livraison”, means ‘delivery’ in French. BGT