The Aristocrat’s Role

“To be an aristocrat is to be completely fearless. Not reckless, not self-destructive. You must face what comes. Address things as they are. Live life as you find it and make it what you want.” “Know your place. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not, a ‘friend of the common man’. I’m not a friend … More The Aristocrat’s Role

Old Money vs. New Money – Making An Impression

Impressions are important to us as humans. We determine whether something or someone is desirable or dangerous to us. When we meet people, we sometimes quickly decide whether or not we’re going to have things in common, become friends, or part ways quickly. First impressions, as we all know, weigh heavily, but perhaps too heavily … More Old Money vs. New Money – Making An Impression

The Queen’s List

With the recent passing of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, I feel like we’ve lost one half of a team that represented a way of life–namely duty–for an entire generation of people all around the world. The lyrics to that lovely Joni Mitchell song… ‘you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone’ echo in … More The Queen’s List

Old Money vs. New Money – Lifestyle Creep

First, my apologies for the delay in posting over the past two weeks. I’ve been working on a new book as well as dealing with some family business. A close friend here in the neighborhood had surgery, as well, and my wife and I have literally been his right hand for a period of time … More Old Money vs. New Money – Lifestyle Creep