Edinburgh, Scotland: The Writers Museum

This past winter, a long weekend away took my wife and me to Edinburgh. The crowds were thin, the weather wet and cold. It mattered not, as history still whispered through the streets and stone walls. We baby-stepped our way through the ‘closes’–the narrow passages that honeycomb Old Town–and fingered the never-ending supply of wool … More Edinburgh, Scotland: The Writers Museum

Tom Wolfe: Lighter of the Bonfires

When the nouveau riche ran wild in the Manhattan of the 1980s, Tom Wolfe marked the moment and set the whole scene ablaze with his debut novel, Bonfire of the Vanities. He coined the term ‘stratusphere’ and ‘the right stuff’. He broke down barriers in journalism, becoming personally involved in his stories. I liked his … More Tom Wolfe: Lighter of the Bonfires

Careful Considerations

Whenever you are tempted to trade your integrity for something, whether it be money, advancement, advantage, power, or fame, remember three things: One, you will be shortchanged, as the value of an intangible is almost always greater than the value of a tangible. Two, your opinion of yourself will be diminished, regardless of whether or … More Careful Considerations

Most Likely To Make History

Republican Robert S. Mueller III (top) and Democrat John Forbes Kerry, (bottom). St. Paul’s classmates and alumni. Like Mueller, Kerry opted for a life committed to public service rather than private gain, despite a wealth of family connections and a top shelf education. Like Kerry, Mueller served with distinction in combat during the Viet Nam … More Most Likely To Make History

Conversation with the Aristocrat

It’s been a busy few weeks with work on (and delays with) the new book, interest in our film and television projects from London, and an unexpectedly ramped up social calendar. Last week, the socializing whirlwind found me sitting next to a young French aristocrat. He was perfectly polite and casually dressed. Open, informed, and … More Conversation with the Aristocrat