Time For Reinvention

For centuries, the culture of Old Money has been defined by characteristics that include inherited wealth, a discreet lifestyle, generations of quality education, and a commitment to being a productive and contributing member of society. This list is, obviously, not exhaustive. We discuss a wide range of topics here that are representative of Old Money … More Time For Reinvention

Philosophy at the Descartes

I found myself wandering the 5th arrondissement (I think) of Paris the other day and decided to contemplate and wait  out a spring shower at Le Descartes. It was there that I allowed myself to indulge in some armchair/cafe chair philosophizing–tres Parisien–on a topic that comes to my mind often: ethics (tres Cartesian). The Descartes … More Philosophy at the Descartes

Old Money Style: Dorothy Parker

The name Dorothy Parker probably doesn’t mean anything to you, unless you’re a Hollywood film buff (she wrote the original screenplay, “A Star is Born” in 1937 with Robert Carson and Alan Campbell) and was nominated for a couple of Academy Awards for screenwriting. She was also a poet and essayist, but was best known … More Old Money Style: Dorothy Parker

Basic Black

Emma Watson, Brown University alum, in a (very short) black dress. Good for so many occasions, the Basic Black Dress (BBD, dear) is a staple of the Old Money Gal’s wardrobe. Often worn with inherited pearls and/or Cartier tank watch. From The Unspoken But Understood Old Money Rule Book. BGT

Old Money: In Their Own Words

A mutual friend told me about your book. Congratulations. I doubt I can offer anything to the conversation that hasn’t already been said, but perhaps it’s a good thing to retread the well-worn halls. Nothing like looking at portraits of your ancestors for inspiration. Saying a few things that have been said before. Raising a … More Old Money: In Their Own Words