Old Money Style: Bill Nye

In a world obsessed with celebrities, he makes science cool. In a world swirling in opinion and dogma, he champions research and facts. In a world seething in anger, he smiles. Sidwell Friends and Cornell graduate. Bill Nye has Old Money style. BGT  

Time For Reinvention

For centuries, the culture of Old Money has been defined by characteristics that include inherited wealth, a discreet lifestyle, generations of quality education, and a commitment to being a productive and contributing member of society. This list is, obviously, not exhaustive. We discuss a wide range of topics here that are representative of Old Money … More Time For Reinvention

Things We Miss

The BMW 2002. Owned one years ago, identical to the one in the photograph. Estimated cost of immediate repairs needed was going to exceed the value of the car. Sold it cheaply to a mechanic. Should have kept it. File under: REGRETS. BGT