Old Money Style: Moderation

I frequently receive emails from young men who ask about the cut and style of clothes: what’s appropriate, what’s ‘in style’, and what will serve them best over time. My response is always, Not too tight. Not too loose. Natural fabrics (wool and cotton). Traditional tailoring of wardrobe fundamentals, by which I mean the navy … More Old Money Style: Moderation

Sweet 16

If you have a child or grandchild who just turned 16, The Old Money Guide To Marriage¬†will certainly save you a few headaches and may save your teenager a few heartaches. I’ve detailed the no-nonsense fundamentals of dating, getting serious, getting engaged, and getting married–in short, Getting It Right–for the young people in your life. … More Sweet 16

The Political Discussion

As has been noted, I don’t share my political opinions on this blog. I have them, but they aren’t relevant to Old Money, which is a culture that transcends political ideology. Nevertheless, I think some guidelines are in order as we approach the holidays. It’s the time of year that often offers us an opportunity … More The Political Discussion

A Cautionary Tale

For reasons that will soon be obvious, I’ll refer to the person in question as only ‘someone I know’. I’ve known them for awhile, and I’ve always been polite, even though at times that’s been difficult. I’ve always wished them well and hoped the best for them, and I was delighted when their entrepreneurial efforts … More A Cautionary Tale