Sweet 16

If you have a child or grandchild who just turned 16, The Old Money Guide To Marriage¬†will certainly save you a few headaches and may save your teenager a few heartaches. I’ve detailed the no-nonsense fundamentals of dating, getting serious, getting engaged, and getting married–in short, Getting It Right–for the young people in your life. … More Sweet 16

A Cautionary Tale

For reasons that will soon be obvious, I’ll refer to the person in question as only ‘someone I know’. I’ve known them for awhile, and I’ve always been polite, even though at times that’s been difficult. I’ve always wished them well and hoped the best for them, and I was delighted when their entrepreneurial efforts … More A Cautionary Tale

The Big Chill

Paris is a pedestrian city, at least for me, and while songs may rave about ‘April in Paris’, most of the year has been downright chilly, save a couple of warm weeks in August. I’m never without a scarf, sweater, jacket, or all three. The climate is similar in London, which I’ve visited regularly the … More The Big Chill

Old Money, Unanswered Questions

“What are people looking at all the time on their cell phones?” “Where do people go dressed like that?” “Who buys all this junk?” “Do all these young men wearing ‘cargo shorts’ actually work on ships?” “Could we possibly go somewhere that’s a little quieter?” BGT