The Brand Ambassador and The Logo

I see a lot of women carrying branded handbags and wearing designer clothes, striding confidently, wearing the logo (or logos) like a badge of honor. Some can afford the luxury items; some can’t. The quality of the products is generally good, sometimes superb. Nevertheless, how much something is worth is always in the eye of … More The Brand Ambassador and The Logo

Old Money: Wardrobe Warning

Gentlemen, please. Know that among the most important things in making a good first impression is the quality of your shoes. You will smile, shake hands, and speak. But before that, the person opposite you will make about a dozen visual observations and assessments, or so say researchers who study things like this. Believe them. … More Old Money: Wardrobe Warning

A Life Without ‘Should’

I don’t recall exactly where or when but I remember a very wise Old Moneyed friend who shared words of wisdom that over time have stood: “Live your life without the word ‘should’.  If you ‘should’ do something do it now and do it well, for what’s tomorrow bringing? No one can tell. And if … More A Life Without ‘Should’

Pride and Pronunciation

Years ago, my wife and I made our first trip to Paris as newlyweds. It was a delightful and memorable experience. Being film buffs (understatement) we decided to attend a screening of French director Luc Besson’s “The Messenger”, as it was titled in the U.S. In Paris, it was simply “Jeanne d’Arc”, a biopic about … More Pride and Pronunciation

People We’ll Miss in 2018: Alan Rickman

I always liked the late character actor Alan Rickman, who first debuted in American cinemas as the sophisticated villain in the original Die Hard movie, in 1988 I think. To younger audiences he was again a baddie in the Harry Potter films. Having made a few trips to London lately on the business of producing … More People We’ll Miss in 2018: Alan Rickman

Old Money: In Their Own Words

In response to your question, I would say there are a few challenges. There’s a pull that comes from the responsibility. I could spend half my day answering emails from the money manager or on the phone with the house manager. Busy work. I have to stay focused on my profession while managing the duties … More Old Money: In Their Own Words