A Personal Note

I wanted to thank everyone for the comments and contributions we continue to receive on the blog. Overall, they’ve been constructive and beneficial to readers. I’ve been delayed on the publication of the new Old Money title that I’ve been working on. Other writing projects have taken up more time than expected. (That’s good.) But … More A Personal Note

The Hindu Way To Wealth: Update

A few short years ago, I made the accidental acquaintance of an Indian businessman. He had read The Old Money Book and was eager to share his insights into what it means to enjoy true wealth: not just in monetary terms (he is certainly qualified to comment on that), but also in terms of living … More The Hindu Way To Wealth: Update

Paris Doesn’t Need The Sun Today

Paris doesn’t need the sun today as traffic inches beneath a sky, slate grey, and ducks silently convene on the Seine, dark green, and pedestrians jog and stride along the quai. Paris doesn’t need the sun today it’s golden warmth–un┬ápeu┬áchiche; No, it’s a moody mood just above a brood that holds the city in it’s … More Paris Doesn’t Need The Sun Today

Perspective: The Old Money Attribute

It’s important to remember this: when we lack something, we can mistakenly assume that, if we only had that one thing in our life, that everything would instantly be fine. If we are drowning, we flail in the water and gasp for air. This is our only focus: to survive, to get oxygen into our … More Perspective: The Old Money Attribute

Parenting the Parents

A recent round of ‘reply all’ emails among classmates of mine brought up a common issue: how to handle financial issues with aging parents. A couple of classmates who make up my ‘crew’ from 40-plus years ago in school are now are now addressing the inevitable and unenviable task of managing their parents money. The … More Parenting the Parents