Pride and Prejudice

Many people assume that Old Money excludes other people: people who aren’t as rich, people who aren’t as well-traveled or as well-read, people who aren’t WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant). While elitists and racists abound in every social class, the majority of Old Money associates with whomever they please. They do this because they’re very comfortable … More Pride and Prejudice

Old Money Essential: Mercer and Sons Shirts

As you know, I rarely recommend products of any kind on this blog because living an Old Money life is not about being a consumer. Quite the contrary. However, there are a few products out there that warrant mentioning.  One of them is the shirts made and sold by Mercer & Sons, a company based … More Old Money Essential: Mercer and Sons Shirts

How Much Do You Save?

With very few exceptions, all the people I know are being very careful about how and where they spend their cash, regardless of their income level. So when advertisements appear touting limited-time sales events with prices at 30/50/70% of retail, it’s a rare soul who doesn’t sit up and take notice. But before you throw … More How Much Do You Save?

Why Do The Rich Get Richer? Here’s One Answer…

Many poor and middle income people complain about the rich getting richer, but never stop to ask themselves why this is so. Granted, many wealthy individuals have access to resources–capital, expertise, social networks, and education–that some people don’t. But a huge contributing factor that enables the rich–more specifically business owners and their shareholders–to become wealthy … More Why Do The Rich Get Richer? Here’s One Answer…

There’s No Money in Old Money

In the first section of The Old Money Book I talk about the Core Values of individuals and families who’ve had wealth and privilege for several generations. These values include health, education, and financial independence, among others. In the second part of the book, I detail How Old Money Does It. Here I discuss the … More There’s No Money in Old Money

Integrity and The Way We Live Now

The recent drug scandals in major league baseball calls into question the concept of integrity. How does the concept of fair play–so often a judgment call made by each individual, regardless of rules and regulations–hold up in a world that champions winning above all else? How do professional athletes, arguably the most competitive personalities on … More Integrity and The Way We Live Now